Fired Bill Carmody: Rebounding help? I doubt it

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rebounding help? I doubt it

NU added two more recruits this week. and i don't have high hopes. primarily because Bill Carmody has at no time shown me the ability to recruit an impact player. and let's take a closer look at these commitments...

Davide Curletti - last summer he "fell off the recruiting radar," which usually isn't a good sign. plus, when the coach is talking about a recent signee and says, "he's one of those guys who..." it is a bit alarming when the second thing mentioned is "misses," as in, when he shoots.

Luka Mirkovic - at this point the Northwestern athletic department probably has platinum status on Jat Airways. we've had some not-awful players in the last decade from eastern europe, but no one overly impressive. and although Mirkovic is 6-11, the scant 225lbs probably won't help him much inside against Wisconsin and Michigan State. i'm not saying he's the second coming of Vince Scott, but i remain skeptical that he's the answer to our inside woes.

but maybe i shouldn't be skeptical. according to Carmody, "This addresses the problem up front." oh, that was easy. i can just picture him finishing this sentence, making the wiping his hands clean motion and walking away from the microphone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Straight on. I've seen Mirkovic play. He does nothing to help our inside game. He's a typical Euro big, likes to stay outside. He doesn't have very good post moves inside. He does defend the post pretty good for a Euro guy.

If Carmody is going to stick around he had better get Kyle Rowley.

4/23/08, 2:24 PM  

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