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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ricky Byrdsong

several Medill students put together a thorough piece on the life of Ricky Byrdsong, who was murdered ten years ago today. they make no mention of him sitting in the stands during his first year, that wild season that ended in the NIT.


Anonymous AC said...

I love Ricky Byrdsong in a maudlin way. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for him for how he refused to call Dion Lee by the name “Kenneth” when Lee wanted to change his name. For all I care Dion Lee can eat a bag of shit for making me watch him throw a game against Michigan State, I will never ever forgive that travesty, never. By all measures Byrdsong was a good guy and good for Northwestern (except the winning thing, but then again he did go to as many NITs as Car-no-win-dy in fewer years). Anyway, I am glad people are remembering Byrdsong.

That said, in any article on his life, leaving out the “walk on the wildside” where he sat in the stands is egregiously bad. It is like writing a story about Bill Gates and neglecting to say that he founded Microsoft, or writing a story on Peter North and neglecting to mention he has a huge fucking Johnson. What’s next? A story on Bill Carmody neglecting to mention that he is a shitty coach with a stupid offense which apparently only works when he has a big man who can shoot jumpers even though he has never recruited one of those and very few of them exist.

What happened to the standards at medill? First grade inflation and now this. Tsk tsk.

7/6/09, 9:34 PM  
Anonymous AC said...

I forgot.

Fuck Carmody

7/6/09, 9:35 PM  
Blogger buckyor said...

My faith in humanity is restored.

Thanks, AC.

7/10/09, 11:20 PM  
Blogger cat said...

You may not like Carmody but he does the most with the least. NU is the least athletic team in the conference and rarely do they get completely blown out.
Also NU will not pay seven figures for a "name" coach, nor will a "name" coach want to come to NU.
Nu won't let you recruit as their academic standards for bball are ridiculous. We've all heard about Duke and Stanford admitting players NU will not, while their academics are rated higher than Nu's. O'neill was/is a proven recruiting ace and he could not recruit at Nu. Also the facilities suck, the stadium sucks, student/alumni support sucks,combined with the gameday atmosphere of a church.
Carmody has not recruited an african-american front court player at Nu in his tenure there. That is 12 consecutive recruiting classes. O'neill recruited Tavaras Hardy and Rowley is from Trinidad. Black kids do not want to come to Nu, nor will the school admit them. I think the problem is more systemic than the coach. I doubt if anyone can win at Nu unless things change that are beyond the coaches control.An ncaa bid looks almost impossible.
You might also say the elite players do not want to play the princeton offense but Thompson does fine at Georgetown. Compare their bball admission standards to NU's(to me the biggest obstacle to success), quality of facilities, stadium, gameday atmosphere, student/alumni support and you have the formula for failure.To put all the blame on Carmody is unfair.

8/2/09, 6:47 AM  

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