Fired Bill Carmody: Recruiting update

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Recruiting update

now here's something you don't see every day. the Southern Kings, a Nike-sponsored AAU team from metro Atlanta, spent some time in Evanston recently. Julian Royal (6'8", 195) is originally from Chicago and is apparently at least entertaining notions of returning to his hometown.

it seems a bit of a stretch though; ESPNU's recruiting service shows Royal is considering Georgia Tech, UNC, UAB and the University of Georgia. here is the rest of the scouting report on Royal:

Royal is a skilled 4 man that can play facing the basket and showed range out to the 3 point arc. He looks more athletic than he shows; he got beat off the dribble by lesser looking athletes. He shows spurts of potential that catch the eye, but needs to develop a more focused intensity. He will be recruited by high-majors based on body type alone and as his body develops he should be able to be more of a force in the paint. He competes on the boards on both ends of the floor and came out of the pack with the ball on numerous occasions. He needs to get stronger and be more willing to fight for position in the low post; he has a tendency to stray out to the perimeter. Inconsistent, but has potential, but when the switch comes on he should have what it takes to contribute at a high level.


Blogger Marc said...

Let's see: Inconsistent? Check. 3-point range? Check. Beat by lesser athletes? Yup. "Occasionally" comes away with a rebound? The only thing left is a WILDCard and a room at Sargent.

8/12/09, 9:45 AM  
Anonymous AC said...

But he can shoot the 3 which is apparently the only way the Carshitty Princeton no offense works (and i find it a conundrum that the end result of the Princeton offense is no offense since i find it completely offensive).

Per car-no-win-dy, his gimmick offense relies on a big man to knock down deep jumpers.

Per my watching NU, the princeton offense relies on a Craig Moore type shooter hoisting up 3s as the shot clock runs out since the vaunted back picks work as frequently as Gary Barnett tells the truth (don't think i have forgotten about you Gary, I will never ever forget your sliminess).

So this big, deceptively slow, shooter could fill both needs for Loser Bill.

Wake me when we out recruit Craig Robinson for someone.

Fuck Carmody.


8/13/09, 2:09 PM  

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