Fired Bill Carmody: 2009-2010 schedule released

Monday, September 14, 2009

2009-2010 schedule released

finally. now we know which low-major teams NU will (hopefully) beat up on in December before falling apart down the stretch. since we already knew about the ACC Challenge game at NC State as well as the ND matchup in the Chicago Invitational, there aren't many surprises. even the Butler and Stanford home games were expected since they're return games from last season. aside from that, the schedule doesn't have much meat to it.

i haven't taken a close look at the numbers for those teams, but i'm concerned about the lack of away games. NC State is the only true road game out of conference (and one of just nine overall), so if this team is hoping to get an at-large bid, i don't see how that can help the RPI. is going the other way, i suppose in an effort to sell tickets, and is promoting this schedule with "a school-record 20 games" if that is some kind of actual record.

i also think it would have been cool if the athletic department had used some creativity in releasing the schedule. that might have created a bit more buzz.


Blogger Loretta8 said...

good point about the lack of road games, i can see doug gottlieb now, smugly pointing out NU shouldnt be in because of a 2-8 road record. although at least carmody managed to not schedule any division 3 teams this year.

pretty random that the game vs North Florida is gonna be on ESPNU

9/15/09, 12:52 PM  
Anonymous AC said...

Wow. What a great schedule. Three consecutive games against teams starting with “North.”

12/01 North Carolina State
12/13 North Carolina A&T
12/16 North Florida

Not to mention our first Div 1 opponent is Northern Illinois.

How come we didn’t schedule Peter North for December 18th? Oh I know, because he would cream us (pun intended). Peter North shoots more frequently than our Princeton no-offense run the shot clock down and the heave a desperation shot up and he shoots more accurately than anyone on our team now that Craig Moore is gone.

And what a great opening exhibition game against NAIA Robert Morris. I am sure they will be as flummoxed by the Princeton no offense as our players are.

I wonder how many games Carshitty will have to lose this year to finally get fired. Hopefully it’s fewer than 25.

Fuck Carmody


9/15/09, 2:11 PM  

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