Fired Bill Carmody: Shurna reflects on his summer

Friday, August 14, 2009

Shurna reflects on his summer

of this interview, obviously these were the words that resonated most with FBC:

It was great to be around the different coaches (Pitt's Jamie Dixon and his assistants, Purdue's Matt Painter and Southern Illinois' Chris Lowery). They're such great basketball minds.

We played a completely different style than we do at Northwestern. It was great just to be exposed to a different style. All those coaches have had great success. Getting the opportunity to play for some of the best coaches in college basketball really opened my eyes and helped my game a lot.


Blogger Loretta8 said...

would be a serious problem if he transferred

8/15/09, 3:14 PM  
Anonymous AC said...

Yes. How would we ever replace his 7 points and 3 rebounds per game.

Fuck Carmody.


8/20/09, 1:14 PM  

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