Fired Bill Carmody: Recruiting update

Friday, September 18, 2009

Recruiting update

NU is apparently one of the finalists for a top player from wisconsin. but to me the big news from this article is that Northwestern is recruiting guys from Georgia named Dai-jon and Jershon. i can't say i ever thought that would happen.


Anonymous AC said...

Jevon Johnson begs to differ with you and your Dai-jon and Jershon assertion.

Anyway, if I read that article correctly, this “huge get” for Northwestern was offered a scholarship from Wisconsin only after he walks on to the team as a freshman. The article calls it a “4 for 5.” Come here for 5 years, and we’ll pay 4 of them. Ummmmm, I’m no brain surgeon (though I do have a very large medulla oblongata for all of you ladies out there), but Wisconsin isn’t giving good players 4 for 5 deals. If you’re an attractive recruit for Wisconsin, you get what they call a “full scholarship.”

I know the article later says that after a Wisconsin player got caught stealing, drinking, and banging a cow (ok, maybe not one of those) and was kicked off the team, Bo Ryan took the “4 for 5” offer off the table and offered this guy a full scholarship, but still. Look, if a “huge get” for NU is a fucking last man on the bench for Wisconsin we are just as fucked now as we always have been. I am sure the kid is a nice kid and all of that jazz, but other than the partial scholarship he was offered from Wisconsin (who may have to recruit him because he is from Wisconsin), the other schools recruiting him are fucking Creighton and some shit bag place called Northern Iowa. Being in this guy’s “Top 4,” as the articles states, is a little like being one of Kirstie Allie’s concubines. Yeah, you get to be with a celebrity, but you’re still fucking a fat chick.

I think I liked this guy better when he was named Nick Knapp.

Oh well, maybe Jershon and Dai-jon will turn down the University of West Georgia, Savannah State, and their Georgia Tech walk-on offers to suit up for Car-Shitty, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Fuck Carmody.


9/18/09, 2:57 PM  
Blogger c knepprath said...

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10/30/09, 12:11 AM  

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