Fired Bill Carmody: Wildcats wreck the jackets

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wildcats wreck the jackets

anyone reading this likely watched the game, so i'll spare you any detailed recap. here is a collection of my thoughts, in no particular order:

  • i would like an NU booster to donate a fancy new camera to W-R Arena. every time NU plays on HD, i'm frustrated by my TV's crappy picture compared to other broadcasts.
  • maybe they were embarrassed by the Rice Jr. dunk, but it was encouraging to see Cobb and Crawford be assertive early with their athleticism.
  • certainly didn't look like a full house, for students or the paying public.
  • what do you think keeps Shurna from getting more tail on campus: his acne or his jump short form?
  • that first half was as close to perfect as you can ask for.
  • does NU have a binding agreement with announcers that forces each of them to tell the story of how Juice Thompson got his nickname?
  • tonight was the first time i've ever noticed actual muscles on John Shurna
  • i'm not terribly concerned with NU's struggles in the middle of the second half against the full-court press. not many teams in the Big Ten are as quick and athletic as GT.
  • really the only negative tonight: free throw shooting. just over 50%

it was obvious early that Crawford and Cobb were focused for this one, and Mirkovic always plays better when he can feed off the crowd. Shurna and Thompson were outstanding as usual. NU was clearly ready to go for this nationally televised game at home. it will be interesting to see how they fare in the dog days of the conference schedule, especially on the road. but we'll worry about that in another month. for now it's hard not to be awfully happy with that performance.


Blogger AC said...

Before we suck each other's dicks over beating GA Tech (though if you are NU alum Jaime Ray Newman, then by all means, suck away), it needs to be noted that this great ACC power lost to something called Kennesaw State by 17 points earlier in the year. So the Three Amigos they ain't, fuck GA Tech might not even be the Three Stooges because AC is sure even a dead Moe Howard would throw back John Shurna's chest high set shot.

But AC is sure year 11 of the Carshitty error will be different because it only takes 10 years for shitty coaches to change their ways (and yes that was sarcasm).

Fuck Carmody.


12/4/10, 5:24 PM  

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