Fired Bill Carmody: 100% Pure

Thursday, March 10, 2011

100% Pure

Juice is the man. we already knew this, but he has really played out of his mind down the stretch of this season. all week he's been saying: "we still plan on making the NCAA tournament. we're going to Indy to win four games." today there was no way he was letting NU lose. it's great for him that some national media guys - who may be watching their first NU hoops of the season - get a chance to recognize what a tough player he is.

who the hell knows what's going to happen on Friday, but it was an inspiring effort all around. with such a short bench, guys stepped up and - for the most part - didn't make mistakes. i do not like NU's chances without Capocci and Cobb playing defense, but maybe we'll get some sweater vest karma working in our favor.


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