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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Your Summit League update

sadly the 2011 IUPUI season ended with a loss to Oral Roberts in the Summit League tournament. when i saw the final score, i was reminded of the afternoon of February 17, when a spontaneous twitter attack erupted from Michael Hadley: College Basketball fanatic, Summit League aficionado, and IUPUI Jaguar super-fan!

Mikey took issue with my discussion about NU's options if the Wildcats are not invited to the NIT. he started off by claiming he doesn't "really care one way or another about @'s opinions on his (or her) own school/coach/etc" and then proceeded to assail those opinions.

it made for high comedy at the time, and of course the most preposterous of his statements is that "Post season basketball is post season basketball." if that were true, sports fans everywhere would be tuning into ESPNU on March 13 for the NIT selection show, a nation of white-collar workers would be scrambling next Monday to fill out CIT brackets for the office pool, and IUPUI's own gym would feature a picture of its 2010 CBI squad alongside the 2003 team that made the NCAA tournament.

so don't be sad about the loss, Mike. IUPUI finishes the year with a 19-14 record, so they'll likely end up in the CBI or CIT, which according to you, is just as good as playing in the big dance. enjoy the ride.

for those who weren't following along last month, here you go:


Blogger Loretta8 said...

haha, the condescending "Mikey" is fantastic work.

you should turn this blog into FJM junior where you just fisk dumb people

3/8/11, 2:11 PM  

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