Fired Bill Carmody: The extension

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The extension

i'm not going to get all hot and bothered that Bill Carmody got a new contract. the fact that it was only two years seems that NU found a satisfactory balance between "we can't allow recruiting to come to a complete standstill" and "the program is better than it used to be but we want to see continued progress before we name the court after you."

as usual Teddy Greenstein has the best insight. however, i don't subscribe to the cop-out theory of "there isn't anyone better." that's what athletic directors (and even the dark and scary coaching search firms) are paid to do- find someone good. if Jim Phillips needs some help, here's a good place to start: HAVOC!


Blogger Ayan said...

This is just sickening. There is no reason to give him an extension; I’ve advocated firing him for years, but I did give him credit for improving the last 2 years. With that being said, I was hoping that this year would be a final evaluation year, if he makes the tournament (the easiest ever with 68 teams and most projecting that 7 Big Ten teams would be into the tournament), then give him an extension. However, with a completely irrelevant non-conf schedule and a weak 1-3 opening to the Big Ten season, he gets an extension, why? Who is trying to pry him away, NOBODY?

Check the following stats out: In Carmody’s 10 past seasons, every single Big Ten tournament has made the NCAA Tourney {proving that he is the worst coach in the Big Ten}. In Carmody’s 10 past seasons, he has the worst winning percentage and worst Big Ten winning percentage of all Northwestern sports (male or female){proving in comparison to other Northwestern sports, he falls below the norm}.

I’m just so disappointed, why did they do this now? Why not wait and see what is happening? I am just sickened.

1) If the argument is that since NU basketball has not succeeded with a prior coach, so we should stick with Bill C, that is ridiculous. No one is asking/demanding/expecting that this team contends for a National Title/Final 4, people are just asking to finish in the top 6 in the conference. The barrier to success is set very low.

2) If the argument is that Phil Jackson/Coach K/Tom Izzo couldn’t win with these players, that is ridiculous. Bill C has been in charge of the players every step of the way. He has recruited over 10 recruiting classes to Northwestern, of which only 1 could be considered mildly successful.

3) People keep saying we are improving. From what, the 2-14 season or the 1-17 season, well anything would be an improvement from that. To get to 7 or 8 wins in the Big Ten still means that we finished 9th and 7th, respectively in our conference.

4) Our recruiting is improving, once again from what? Terrible classes in the past, well anything is an improvement from that. Is our recruiting classes better than other Big Ten schools? No, so while our recruiting is better, it’s not good enough.

5) Academics/Facilities: This argument is only brought up when people don’t have any tangible support for Carmody. Once again, we’re not asking for National Titles, we’re asking for a tournament berth. Of the schools in the US News & World Report Top 25 in BCS conferences (so not talking Ivy League championship), look at how all of them have been to the tournament in the past 10 years. #5 Stanford, #9 Duke, #17 Vanderbilt, #19 Notre Dame, #21 Georgetown, #22 Berkeley, #23 USC, #25 UCLA. Why is academics ONLY an issue for Northwestern and none of the others? Also, when we do well in football/basketball, no one brings up academics. Our facilities are not outstanding, but is that really the problem for this team? Really, how about how Bill Carmody has no defensive acumen, was our subpar locker rooms the reason that Mike Tisdale looked wide open on every dunk like Amare Stoudamire.

6) Clean program/graduation: So b/c Bill Carmody runs a clean program and graduates players, we should keep him. Is he the only coach that does that amongst BCS schools? Doesn’t Bo Ryan run a clean program and graduate players AND WINS! So if that is our threshold for success, wow, that is embarrasing.

The bottom line is: Does Bill Carmody’s 2 year extension through 2012-2013 give Northwestern a better chance to make the NCAA Tournament (i.e. finishing in the top 7 of the Big Ten)? Absolutely not, he has proven in 11 seasons not to have that ability, and to think that he would b/c we are getting better players (but still not better than other Big Ten players) is laughable.

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