Fired Bill Carmody: NU loses first of three tough ones

Friday, December 31, 2010

NU loses first of three tough ones

that was a rough one. look, i would like to see JuJuan Johnson in foul trouble as much as anyone, but having Luka Mirkovic as the offensive focus to open the game is not a winning strategy. yes, he was aggressive, but it would be much more helpful if he could hit a 15 foot jumper. i don't understand how he can hit from beyond the arc but yet not even look at the basket when he's left open at the foul line. Shurna clearly wasn't 100%, and it looked to me like the other guys weren't sure who should take the lead instead. Cobb had some nice takes to the basket, but Crawford was far too reticent. it was disappointing to watch him not go hard after that loose ball in the first half.

Purdue plays too strong of defense and passes the ball too well for NU to have a shot at winning this game. Shurna & Luka helped the 'cats hang around in the second half, but short of Curletti bangin' in about six more threes from the top of the key, you just had the underlying sense that today was not NU's day. for me, the biggest positive that came out of today was the bench play. Capocci and Marcotullio made some tangible contributions, so hopefully those guys can help keep these team from wearing down in February.

there's certainly no shame in losing on the road against a top 15 team featuring two possible lottery picks. but the overriding theme for NU this season will be whether they beat anyone they shouldn't. so far, it hasn't happened. they'll have another shot to do it at home on Monday and in Champaign on Thursday.


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