Fired Bill Carmody: More board stats

Thursday, January 17, 2008

More board stats

according to, NU truly is the worst rebounding team in the country. the site measures "offensive rebounding percentage," a measure of the possible rebounds that are gathered by the offense. we come in #341 out of 341 teams, mere percentage points behind the University of Denver and IUPU-Fort Wayne. in terms of keeping other teams from rebounding their own missed shots, we rank #331. and in comparing both lists, no team ranks as low collectively as us.

but it gets better. we also rank #301 in field goal defense, and #338 in free throw rate (which essentially measures a team's ability to score from the foul line). pretty kickass.


Blogger Neil Biswas said...

thought i'd let you know that i enjoy your posts, if only to reassure myself that there are others who suffer from Carmody's unfaltering incompetence.

where is our new AD? damn you MM, couldn't you have fired carmody before bouncing?

1/17/08, 12:21 PM  
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