Fired Bill Carmody: Pat Forde not impressed

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pat Forde not impressed

in today's Forde Minutes, Pat accurately calls us out when discussing the term "mid-major"

You're a high-major program if:
• Dickie V comes to campus often enough to be on a first-name basis with the team's equipment manager.
• Your coach's suits cost more than a semester's room and board.
• Your players are mortified when they have to fly commercial.
• NBA scouts are always around. So are agent runners.
• Your star players come with a "support group" of family members, friends, hangers on, hustlers and "advisers" -- all of whom are very concerned about his "touches," some of whom are now employed by the basketball program, none of whom are concerned about his grade point average.
• Coach's weekly radio show is broadcast on at least five affiliates around the state.
• Your locker room is tricked-out enough to be featured on "Cribs."
• Boxes of new gear arrive from your apparel rep every other week.
• The academic support staff backs up its "No Power Forward Left Behind" marching orders by having enough tutors to double-team every player.
• You have at least one suit (assistant coaches, managers, trainers) on the bench per uniformed player.

In terms of on-court performance and fan support, these are your impostor high-major programs in high-major conferences: Penn State, Auburn, Oregon State, South Florida and Northwestern.


Blogger Mikey K said...

just found your blog, because I was thinking about starting one myself with the same topic. alum from 06 now living in a town with a legit big ten program, the U of M gophers. okay, they've become just a bit legit now that tubby is here, but relative to the cats, damn. all i can hope for is that the new AD sees our basketball program for what it is.

1/16/08, 10:23 PM  

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