Fired Bill Carmody: oh yeah, him

Friday, January 25, 2008

oh yeah, him

so we were reminded during last night's telecast that Carmody was big ten coach of the year in 03/04. while i certainly applaud him for taking that team to a conference record of 8-8, let's take a closer look. that season was a pretty weak one for the big ten, as just six teams were eligible for the postseason. only michigan state, wisconson and and illinois made the tourney, and they lost in the first, second and third rounds, respectively.

since that season we've endured a conference record of 14-40, which will only get worse in the next month. we've seen the mess known as Michael Thompson (the tall one) come and go. we've also seen the football team amass a conference record of 15-17. tennis, lacrosse and softball have all won or competed for national titles. i just hope the new AD, whenever they decide to hire one, pays as much attention to this shit as i do.


Blogger e said...

Carmody looks like a presidential candidate who drops out before the primaries start up.

1/25/08, 12:48 PM  

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