Fired Bill Carmody: Uh oh

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Uh oh

don’t look now, but Texas Pan American has won five in a row. they have embarked on a three-game road trip, the last of which is at welsh-ryan next week. today they play 0-20 NJIT (i must confess, i didn’t know they had an NCAA basketball program) and then at chicago state monday.

earlier this week UTPA put up some big offensive numbers, although they were playing Houston Baptist. still, they shot 81% from the line and 52% from beyond the arc. their third leading scorer – Paul Stoll – had 37, 7 and 9, including 16/16 FT and 7/9 from three.

five of the Broncs’ 12 wins are against non D-1 programs, so that’s 42%. then again, 20% of NU’s wins are against non D-1 programs. i’m not saying we’re definitely going to lose, but i don’t think it will be a cake walk. meanwhile illinois is STRUGGALING, but the last time NU won in that building, Julian Bonner was our starting point guard and our boy Nate Pomeday was averaging 8 minutes per game.


Blogger buckyor said...

I see someone else has been saying the same thing I have for the past few years. Good work.

I don't know how the administration will be able to justify keeping Carmody after dropping another one to Texas Pan American a few days from now. But I'm sure Bienen will find a way. The program is an absolute disgrace, and progressing with alacrity in the wrong direction. Maybe we can start scheduling Cal Tech and Mundelein College to get the numbers up a bit. It would also help to get a few recruits who don't mistake a basketball for an orange soccer ball.

It hasn't always been this way. There really was some enthusiasm for the program when I was in school in the 80s. It wasn't huge, but we got students to the game then, even when we had to take the El down to Alumni Hall to see them play. I can't blame today's students for preferring an evening in the Libes to wasting 2 hours watching a rec league game.

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