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Friday, February 08, 2008

Boooooooooosier Daddy

i'm declaring an official moratorium on all bob knight discussion. hopefully after tomorrow's College Gameday airs the jay bilas interview we can all move on and agree to disagree. i'm not even getting into whether he is an overall plus or a minus as a coach (in my book he's a plus) but i'm just tired of hearing people argue whether he quit on his team or if he earned the right to do it "his way." that's the phrase i've been hearing all week, and i'm not entirely sure what it means.

i'll just point out that other legends like John Thompson and Lefty Driesell also "quit" in mid-season, when they, like The General, woke up one morning and realized one or all of three things: [a] i'm old and i don't want to coach anymore; [b] i can't recruit and/or coach 'em up like i used to and i don't want to go out like this; [c] oh my gosh, i have 786 wins and i'm getting my Georgia State Panthers ready to battle Gardner-Webb. (the last probably only applied to Lefty).

anyway, my point is that no one killed those guys for retiring mid-season. and even Dean Smith hung it up just on the eve of the 1997 season, so i say we leave Knight alone and let him go shoot at some more neighbors.

[also, i'm perplexed by the rumors that he's going to coach again. i don't see him taking a step down from the level of texas tech, and obviously he has considerable baggage. none of the major programs will have openings this off-season, and would he really leave texas tech for a program of similar caliber like south carolina or LSU? plus, Pat Knight did most of the recruiting for the past few years, and i can't picture Robert Montgomery out on the road visiting family rooms.]


Blogger Scottie said...

Just more fodder for your boys at that other blog who had fallen by the wayside. I'm sure their interest will perk up soon.

2/9/08, 12:12 PM  
Blogger #1 blogger said...

yes, i see those guys finally woke up with their first post in over three months. we can all agree what a great coach The General is, but let's also keep in mind how completely irrelevant his last years at IU were. the last time he made it out of the first weekend with the Hoosiers was the same year Glenn Robinson was POY.

2/13/08, 9:29 AM  

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