Fired Bill Carmody: Whew

Friday, February 01, 2008


ok, so they held off UTPA and eeked out a 9 point win. they started off awfully slow, and trailed by 8 early in the second half. but at least they shot the ball better from the free-throw line - 80% - including Thompson who was 8/11. Coble continues to be the only reliable scorer (29 on 11/17 shooting) and Moore continues to be the most inconsistent player (1/7 shooting in 40 minutes).

what jumped out at me, however, was their apparent inability to keep things from getting interesting at the end. i'm not saying i expect them to blow anyone out, but in the final minute, leading by ~10, they committed three fouls. i wasn't watching the game so i don't know in what situations the fouls were committed, but come on. i understand you may get called for one going for a loose ball or something, but you have the game in hand - all you need is 60 ticks off the clock. and it's not just one foul down the stretch but THREE IN THE FINAL MINUTE?!? that to me is a lack of discipline. i'm sure to many this may seem like an insignificant detail, but a team that makes these kind of mental mistakes will not be prepared to win a close game against an opponent more formidable than UT Pan Am.


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