Fired Bill Carmody: Orange Krushed

Friday, February 08, 2008

Orange Krushed

i certainly enjoyed seeing the Illini lose last night. by no means am i a fan of IU or Sampson (and i think Eric Gordon is overrated), but Illinois is by far the most annoying fan base i've ever witnessed in person. watched an NU game there four years ago, and it was extremely irritating. i've never seen more yelling/complaning/booing about the refs, and they even went overboard with sarcastic cheering after fouls were called on NU.

and of course back then the whole chief illiniwek nonsense was still going on. i remember all of us were completely dumbfounded by how silent the arena got and how ridiculous the bare-feet dancing was. other fans were shooting us dirty looks for talking while it was going on, and looking back, i am pissed at myself for not standing up and booing. although maybe it is good that i didn't, since last night that same fan base threw beads and ice at Indiana fans, including Eric Gordon's parents. i love that to get Gordon ready for the harsh reception, IU assistant coach Dan Dakich told him, "If you're worried about some engineering student from Wilmette in an orange shirt, you're not as tough as I thought you were."

maybe if U of I had less players driving drunk and leaving teammates for dead, they wouldn't have to worry so much about which recruits went elsewhere.


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