Fired Bill Carmody: "The list" shrinks by four

Sunday, March 16, 2008

"The list" shrinks by four

the primary source of frustration for all NU basketball fans is the fact that we've never been to the NCAA tournament. a few years ago USA Today talked about those schools who have never made it and mentioned Northwestern in detail. since this article was published I've kept track of who has earned their first trip. 12 teams are no longer on this list, including 4 who made it this year: American, UT Arlington, UMBC and Portland State.


Blogger Scottie said...

However, Davor must be pumped that he got his picture in the USA Today, which is the most widely circulated newspaper in this country. There would be no other reason for his picture to appear other than to discuss the futility of his alam mater in men's basketball.

3/17/08, 1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's funny how that article was wriiten on 2/26/2004. It is sad. I keep reading all of these stories about other programs. Here is one about Cornell.

"A steady climb from nine wins in 2002-03 to to this year's 22."

We have went into reverse. Our admin should be ashamed that they allowed this to go on!!

3/17/08, 2:57 PM  

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