Fired Bill Carmody: So much for that idea

Friday, April 04, 2008

So much for that idea

i know many of you thought Mike Montgomery would be a great fit for Northwestern. well, our fellow nerds on the west coast beat us to it. i imagine the Stanford band will have some fun with that.

meanwhile i hope this isn't an indication on just how hard it will be to get a new coach at a BCS bottom-feeder. St Mary's and San Diego have both turned down Oregon State.


Blogger buckyor said...

The inaction over the past few weeks seems to confirm what Bienen said a few weeks ago: that he has no intention of allowing the new AD to replace the head basketball coach. If a change were in the works, we'd have heard something by now, because the music is gonna stop Monday night, and by then all the chairs will be filled.

My nightmare is that next years' team will be just as crappy as this years' team, but will eke out a couple of extra wins to go 3-15 or 4-14, and that this will allow the self-anointed geniuses in the administration to see this as a sign of progress. And then they'll re-sign Carmody to another 8-year contract.

I guess I simply need to reach a calm acceptance that our basketball program is doomed to perpetual ineptitude.

4/5/08, 4:28 PM  

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