Fired Bill Carmody: So much for that

Friday, March 11, 2011

So much for that

A second inspiring effort against the Fuckeyes came up short today. My biggest sports fan pet peeve is complaining about the refs, so you won't hear me bitching about any foul calls. As a shout-out to FBC's early days, I did think about titling this post, "I hate you Luka Mirkovic." What a miserable two days for him. I hate to admit it, but late in the second half I was thinking it would have been nice to have Kyle Rowley today- five fouls to give, if nothing else.

Even if NU had held on, it would have been nearly impossible for them to win two more in two days. With such a short bench the 'Cats looked gassed, and some of those late jumpers were well short. Hate to see Juice go out like this - wondering what could have been - but hopefully he's not finished quite yet. Who knows, maybe NU will even get a home game out of this. See you Sunday on ESPNU.


Blogger Joseph said...

How does a coach who is 68 games under 500 in conference get to keep his job. The AD has to see the apathy surrounding the program. I look at ESPN bottom line just hoping and praying. Please let UWM beat us so we can move on from this...

3/15/11, 1:28 AM  

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