Fired Bill Carmody: More displeasure with NU hoops from alumni in the media

Friday, April 18, 2008

More displeasure with NU hoops from alumni in the media

generally i find Dan Shanoff annoying. he has a tendency to judge sports with a sense of "instant history" instead of allowing more thought and time determine where current events/teams/players rank among those from previous generations. and he confusingly is more of a Florida (his wife's alma mater) sports fan than Northwestern. but in his interview with Lake The Posts, he does a pretty good job of capturing what we all want:

"And I admit I have not done enough to rip the basketball program for not being more successful, when it is frustratingly clear that even the worst programs can be made reasonably successful in short order with the right coach, right recruiting and right system. I was in Welsh-Ryan for the 1994 NIT game against DePaul, sitting behind the basket with the rest of the students, and Kevin Rankin's dunk off the opening tip remains the loudest I have ever heard Northwestern fans be. All I'm asking for is one Selection Sunday that matters, one bracket I can frame, one trip to the Bubble. I'm quite sure that the year we finally make the NCAA Tournament, we will lose in the first round in the 12:10 Thursday game, but I'll take it."


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