Fired Bill Carmody: Worlds colliding

Monday, April 07, 2008

Worlds colliding

so on Friday i talked about Craig Robinson and i talked about people turning down the Oregon State job. now this is happening. if I'm Craig Robinson, i don't think i take that job. just seems like the program is such a mess and the rest of the league is so good, it could be a real struggle. if he wins 23 games in four seasons at OSU, maybe he gets fired and we never hear of him again, while if he continues to succeed at Brown he will certainly have more offers coming his way. then again, it might not be so easy to turn down a BCS school's money after only two years as a head coach.


Blogger nuttinbutapeanut said...

The sad thing is that even when Carmody does get canned, NU will be even less attractive than Oregon State. Tougher academic standards, less money, worse facilities, less prestigious conference, less tongue-in-cheek mascot humor value, etc.

4/8/08, 10:05 AM  

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